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e-search: a distinctive way of recruiting

e-search: Your Trusted Partner for Executive Search

Welcome to e-search, an Amsterdam-based executive search firm specializing in finding top talent for commercial, operational, marketing, and financial roles. Our team of expert consultants has built a vast network of contacts and industry knowledge, providing clients with access to the most talented and qualified candidates on the market. Candidates are carefully selected in a diligent process of interviews.

At e-search, our mission is to become a trusted partner to our clients, both on the side of candidates who aspire to a new career and on the side of companies looking for new talent. Our personalized and effective executive search approach centers around understanding the ambitions of our clients in detail. The e-search approach is characterized by its low-threshold and informal nature, making it easy and comfortable for clients to engage with us.

We work frequently with private equity and venture capital and have a strong focus on the Benelux and Nordics market for Dutch and international companies and candidates. Another focus market is to assist US-based companies and US venture capital to find candidates in Europe. Our values of honesty, integrity, and discretion ensure that we make the best match possible, taking the time to get to know our clients and candidates on a personal level.

We believe that the right people can truly make a difference in an organization's success. Let e-search be your trusted partner in finding the top talent you need to achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more.


Accelerated Execution Value

Most importantly, a candidate represents an accelerated execution value within our clients' strategy. All this with the idea that the ambition of the candidate is just as important and this ambition must match the position for which he is proposed.


As an executive search organization, we are able to understand the ambitions of our clients in detail. A good evaluation of the profile, assignment and wishes of our clients therefore has the highest priority within our mission to become a trusted partner for these clients. Both on the side of candidates who aspire to a new position and on the side of companies that are looking for a new talent.


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We will find the most suitable candidate

We prefer to recruit candidates through our own network, a network that we have carefully built up over the years. Because we use a selectively built file, in which new candidates can only be introduced via a positive referee, there is a good chance that we will find the most suitable candidate. 


Despite all the technology available, our strength lies mainly in making real human contact; after all, people do business with people. Our most important values ​​are at the forefront of our work: honesty, integrity, and discretion. e-search has local knowledge in an international market. This means that we have a focus on positions and clients in the Benelux and Nordics market for Dutch and International companies and candidates. Through extensive collaboration with executive search organizations abroad, we can assist our clients in filling positions in regions other than where our primary focus is. 

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"People are not your most important asset. The right people are"
- Jim Collins - 


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